Final Project for International Accounting Research Assignment


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Assessment Details:-

  • Document Type :: Research Paper
  • Subject :: Accounting
  • Number of Words :: 2000 to 4500
  • Citation/Referencing Style :: APA


Final Project Guidelines


Please use this format to submit your final work. The paper must follow all the guidelines as instructed in order to obtain full credit.


Remember that our team of tutors is available for any questions regarding your final work. You must present the final version of your work as no previous corrections will be carried out. To submit the final project, students must use the template below, with their answers written after each statement.


Please present your final paper according to these requirements:

  • Arial 12
  • Margin: 2,5.
  • Line spacing: 1,5.
  • All fields on the cover page must be completed.
  • The document needs to be properly

Your final project must be authentic and individual. Any work that has been plagiarized or papers written by others or with the help of others are likely to be failed. If this occurs for the second time, you will not be permitted to obtain your degree.


Be aware that you are permitted a maximum of two submissions per subject. If both projects do not meet the standards and fail, the student must pay the corresponding fee to be evaluated again.


When writing your final project please use Microsoft Office, Adobe or Apache’s Open Office Writer tools (DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, etc.). Please consult your tutor when using a different format. Additional information about the software will be needed.


Please use the following format: ddmmyyyy_Subject_LastNameandName.pdf



The project should not exceed more than 18 pages, excluding the cover page, bibliography and the appendix.



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Firstly, here are some recommendations which might help you develop the project:

Within the Balance Sheet you will find 7 categories. The first five are for the balance accounts that reflect the assets and liabilities, whilst the 6th and 7th categories are accounting management, that is to say, they account for the income and expenses.

  1. Basic finances: resources that the firm uses to finance the permanent
  2. Noncurrent assets: assets that are used in the firm’s activities throughout a length of time, such as financial investments that will mature or conclude in a period longer than one year.
  3. Stock: Assets used to produce or give services which will be sold or used during the production process.
  4. Creditors and Debtors for commercial operations: financial instruments and accounts that have their origin in the firm’s
  5. Financial accounts: all the accounts of the firm’s
  6. Purchases and expenses: The reflex of any transaction of purchases and expenses derived from the commercial activity of the
  7. Sales and income: this includes the accounts that reflect the income from the sales and other operations of the

The accounts, as you can see, can be grouped this way following a coding system that assigns digits. Following this process, the first 7 groups (1 digit) can be divided into 2 subgroups (2 digits), and these can be divided into different accounts (3 digits) that can also have subaccounts (4 digits). In this system different elements are classified according to their numerical codes so that they can be interpreted by any user. There lies its usefulness.

When studying the accounting of a firm one must always have on hand the different accounts, that is why you can find on the Anex I a file with the list of the accounting plans approved by the PGC. This will assist your in the answers to this point.


In the second part of the exercise you are asked to compile the closing seat, which is the action with which we close the accounting exercise up to a certain moment. It is used to separate one financial period from another. When you proceed to close the accounting, it marks the end of the financial period (normally financial year).

The closing seat will be conducted by closing off open accounts, charging the amounts for the debtors and paying the creditors.

Here’s a brief example for your own peruse:


Let’s imagine that a firm has the following open accounts at the end of a financial period:

  • Banc 1.000 €
  • Wares and Goods 2.000 €
  • Clients 1.000 €
  • Machinery 3.000 €
  • Assets 2.000 €
  • Stockpile 2.000 €
  • Debts 3 .000 €

The closing seat will be conducted in the following manner:

2.000 Assets

2.000 Stockpile to Banc 1.000

  • Debts to wares 2.000 To clients 000

To Machinery 3.000

Remember you have several examples in the materials and it is important that you have practiced with them before attempting the final project.



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