Hospital Information System Assignment Examples


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Hospital Information System


Molecular biology is one of two technologies that will shape how medicine will be practiced for future time (generation). Now-a-day’s, we diagnose on the basis of present symptoms which require immediate control & attention but future doctors will be able to spot the signs of any disease years before the disease actually occurs.


But at the same time information is another important factor which will effect on healthcare. Because of the vital importance & roll of information on healthcare, the number of healthcare websites in every country is increasing. In America, out of 90 mn people with access to web more than two-third (majority) are reported to have used into it to search the health information, and as a result doctor-patient relationship has been turned upside-down.


Because of the patient activism, which started in 1980 and with the help of the Internet, the role of doctors has been changing. With the help of Internet, the patients can form small groups and exchange their ideas, opinions, experience and can demand from society, doctors & pharma companies and can make independent decisions.


This empowerment of consumers is one of the great benefits of electronic connectivity. As a result, patients will no longer accept medical paternalism, incompetence and arrogance and will become much more forceful about taking decisions related to their own care. In India also because of the electronic technology break-thorough patients may demand drugs available in US. That would put pressure on Government to change their decisions on certain issues like raising the pharma budgets or allowing the patients to buy the drugs privately. Now doctors also predict that patients will also be aware rebellion about extravagant and alarming variations in treatment procedures and will raise their voice.


Doctors can’t ignore & avoid the best clinical practice for treatment and rather they will forcefully have to make it standardized treatment procedure. Doctors of 2020 will have less excuses to deviate from standards, will be well equipped with latest, more sophisticated & reliable diagnostic information, data about a patient’s genetic make-up and access to online guidelines & suggestions of best clinical practices, and even physician’s-decision support software’s will tell them what to do.




  1. How the use & application of computers in medical science & research can improve the standard in medical research?


  1. What is the importance of databases in modern medical research?


  1. How different managers in the hospital management hierarchy will use the information for their own different purposes?


  1. Comment on whether the Decision Support System for doctors will be welcomed by doctors and patients. (With reference to doctor’s cognitive style & their background)


  1. Identify & discuss the importance of informal & formal information to medical researchers & medical practitioners outlined in this case study.


  1. What all concepts of MIS across from 12 chapters will find relevance to this case study, explain how they will apply to this case study.


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