HLSC 220 Health Care And Ethics Essay Homework Answer


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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  •  Words: 1750
  • Course Code: HLSC 220
  • Course Title: Health care and ethics
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU




In the essay you must offer a “balanced view” of the topic, which means that you must include alternative ethical perspectives that may not match your ultimate ethical stance but require consideration. You aren’t writing an unsubstantiated opinion piece but are developing a logical evidenced ethical argument.


1. Start with a clear introduction that tells the reader what to expect. A good introduction contains:


  • Some brief background information on the ethical importance of the topic.


  •  A clear thesis-statement, where you tell the reader briefly where your ultimate ethical stance on the issue. Frame this in a way which ‘advises the reader where your argument is going to end up’ – for example “A range of ethical arguments will be presented to support the assertion that …..”


2. The body of your essay is where you explore in detail how each of the bio ethical principles relates to the topic of your essay. This may ultimately support your central argument, or it may be presenting alternate/opposing views (all should be included).


  •  Autonomy: Is the patient’s autonomy being respected or not? Can it be respected? Are there challenges in supporting this ethical principle?


  • Beneficence: Is the intention to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient? Are there challenges in supporting this ethical principle?