CON101 Communication In The Construction Industry Assignment Answer


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The building of tire repair business was severely damaged in the February Christchurch earthquake. The business has been able to rent another building that is now not coping with the volume of work. They have found a piece of land to build a new workshop on. The current building is to be demolished in 6 months so there is urgency in the project. The new workshop will be 550m² with a concrete floor, steel frame, precast walls, Zincalume roof, fire protection, mezzanine floor containing an office, and lunch area with small kitchen and restroom. To complete the building there is to be 1000m² of asphaltic parking and an enclosed and secure storage area.


 Please note: This assignment has a suggested word count for each task. These are just a suggested guide for the length of answer required.


Task 1

Capability statement Employees of two local construction firms have come in for new tires and both have heard that the workshop is being replaced. An Expression of Interest (EOI) has gone out and they have both submitted capability statements in the hope they may be selected to tender for the project. The client is confused about what they should be looking for in a capability statement. To advise the client you are to write them a letter that discusses what is good and bad about each capability statement. To complete this task, you need to:


  • Read each capability statement
  • Write a letter to the client that sets out what is good and not good about each capability statement o quote from the capability statements using good and bad examples. The aim is not to choose one firm over another but to help the client see what they should be looking for in a good capability statement.


Task 2

Core documents This is the first time the client has been involved in such a project, they need to understand the types of communication that occur on a construction project, such as plans, specifications, drawings, and schedules of quantities. Part a) Drawings and specifications. To complete this task, you need to prepare a report for the client that you will present to them at your next meeting.


Your report must contain all the following about drawings, specifications, and schedule of quantities: Advise the client about the purpose of the drawings, plans and specifications and what they tell us by answering the following questions: What is the purpose of the construction drawings, and at what stage are they created in the construction process? Who owns the drawings, and who uses them? A plan is a type of drawing. What is it used for? What is the purpose of the specifications? How do they relate to the drawings?