FIN5EQS Equity Securities Assignment Research Report on Australian Market with Question and Answer


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Not Selected
  • Course Code: FIN5EQS
  • Course Title: Equity Securities
  • University: La Trobe University
  • Country: AU


This is an equity research report assignment. The primary task of this assignment is to write an equity research report covering two companies from the Minerals, sector in the Australian market. The report should involve comparing the firms’ performance and prospects, perform a valuation of their common stocks using various valuation techniques and provide a buy-side or sell-side recommendation. The report should be prepared and presented professionally as if it is issued by a professional equity research firm.



A. Team formation Deadline: Week 3 Tutorial Students should start exploring the possibility of forming an ‘Equity Analyst Team’ preferably from within their respective tutorial from week 2. Each team should consist of ideally three but no more than four students. Any exception to this rule will only be entertained if we find ourselves in a situation where:

a. We do not have enough members in a team;


b. Some members of an existing team have withdrawn from this subject; orc. enrolment of a new student who should be accommodated in a particular team.