COMM2003 Report Writing on Business and Technical Report


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To: Mr. Anthony Bruckner

The Personnel Director,


From: Computer Systems Manager





Writing a report requires Professional skills. As I and my team of 5 system analysts require contributing to report writing for the next six months hence, we will be required to train for the report writing. The professional skills of report writing will aid in self skills and Institutional development, leading to profit for the company.


Hence my team of 5 system analysts and I would like to request you to send us for two courses one, COMM 2002 – Business and Technical Correspondence and another COMM 2003 – Business and Technical Report. I would like to request you to send my department one this winter and next to this spring.


The body of the memo will discuss the two types of courses, terms, when these courses will be conducted, where these courses will be conducted, course tuition fee, course description, learning outcomes, advantages of the course, recommendations, and conclusion.


Body of Business and Technical Correspondence


Types of course-1: The type, of course, we would like to get trained in is COMM 2002 – Business and Technical Correspondence. It is a diploma course. The term of this course is Winter 20021. The total course duration is 36.0 hours, and the credit of this course is 3.0. This course will be held at the BCIT. The tuition fee is $ 485.00 for three credits.

The course description of COMM 2002 is that this curriculum of COMM 2002 will train us in professional writing skills such as business correspondences of all types, reports on claims, it may be an insurance claim, housing claim, and other recommendation claims. This course also will enhance our writing potential in sales letters, bad news, and job applications.


Leaning of COMM 2002 will bring strengthened writing skills on the various procedures involved in business writing, technical writing required for the business, guidelines or instruction to frame business writing or technical writing with business content.


The best learning outcome of this course, COMM 2002, is significant. Attending and learning COMM 2002 will bring certain learning outcomes like the systematic process of writing a memo, writing planning, format of letter writing, selecting and organizing the information required for readers. Clear writing, concise reporting, correct sentences, positive tone.

This course also will train for reader-oriented writing, effective planning strategies of writing business and technical writing and strengthening the writing skills for the business requests, messages, sales reports, descriptions, and graphics.