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Assignment Details :

  • Words: 1300




Cannabis is one of the most widely used recreational drugs worldwide. Its recreational use is legalized in some countries and is illegal in others. Recent studies showed that cannabis can be beneficial in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Describe the mechanism of action of this drug and its effects on patients suffering from PD. Discuss the short and long-term effects of cannabis consumption in these patients.


Essay should cover the following (subheadings recommended):




Basic description of the studied drug with brief demographic use of this drug


Action of the drug in the nervous system: 


Discuss at the molecular level the action of the drug and their related effects in the typical population consuming the drug


Use of the drug as medical treatment:


Describe the pathology (condition) that the drug being investigated will or could be used for and the any issue/s with its use as a medication (side effects, drug resistance). Describe the effects of the drug in treating this pathology.


Short- and long-term effects of drug consumption: 

Describe any positive and/or negative effects of the drug’s consumption (in general use of the drug) and evaluate these side effects in the context of the studied pathology.




Provide a brief statement summarising the use of the drug in the context of the pathology.




Sould source high quality resources from at least 5-6 peer-reviewed articles in the scientific and clinical research literature (“older” references will be accepted). Note: APA style 7th edition. Do not use website as reference for in your in-text material (Websites are only acceptable as sources of images).



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