Business Ethics Case Study Assignment Answers


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Case Study Task:-


 Note: Attempt all the followings.


Q1) Read the following case study and answer the following questions from a leftist perspective and also critically justify your responses? —– marks 08


Case Study:

Peter is a vice president in a large corporation. As part of his duties, he supervises fifteen managers; fourteen of these managers are men. Only one of the managers is a black man, and one is a white female.


Peter is replacing one of the white, male managers. He has advertised the position both in house and outside, as required by his company’s hiring policies. After reviewing all of the applications, he believes that Steve, an employee of the company for 12 years, is the most qualified applicant. However, in the pool of applicants there are three qualified women and two qualified black men. Morally what should Peter do?



  • Is it fair to hire Steve, even though this will still mean that the managers will have definite gender and race inequity?
  • Is it fair to Steve to hire someone less qualified to agree with Affirmative Action?
  • Should Peter give up and let the other manager’s vote on who should be hired?


Q2) Read the following case study and answer the following questions from the perspective of cost-benefit analysis? —– marks 08


Case Study:

J.R. accepted a position at Cripple Creek Vocational University and he and his family made a permanent move. Soon, J.R. was promoted to Administrative Vice President, overseeing the purchasing department of the University. His oldest son, Jim, got a good job in educational equipment sales at Tiddley Computer Corporation in Fort Worth.


As Vice President, J.R. quickly saw the need for 4 to 5 computers in his office. Although CCVU had a bidding policy, J.R. purchased Tiddley Corporation’s computers direct from Tiddley for about $3500 each, when IBM clones were selling for around $2000 and the clone had more promising features than the Tiddley. Jim handled the sale and received a healthy commission on the sale. If the purchase had gone through the normal bidding process, the TC model would not have been selected. Tiddley’s local Cripple Creek franchise dealer objected to Tiddley Corporation that his protected franchise had been bypassed in the deal.



  • Since J.R. was over the purchasing department and had final decision authority, should purchasing have gone through the normal bidding routine?
  • Is it acceptable for a V.P. to bypass the normal routine to do business with a family member?
  • Was J.R.’s decision not to request bids an ethical choice?
  • What should the college purchasing agent do?
  • Should anyone else at CCVU have any interest in this activity?
  • Has Tiddley’s Cripple Creek franchise owner been wronged?
  • Should Jim have made the sale? Received a commission?


Q3)    Critically discuss the idea of virtuous man defended by Adam Smith and also workout the implications of accepting his virtues?—marks 08


 Q4)  critically discuss the limitations of Deontological view of justice with respect to our society?
marks 08


Q5) Pl. attempt the MCQs at LMS ————-08 marks