Health Industry of Australia – Essay Assessment


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Assessment Details:-

  • Topic :: Health Industry of Australia
  • Document Type :: Essay (any type)
  • Subject :: Medical & Nursing
  • Deadline :*: As Per Required
  • Number of Words :: 1200
  • Citation/Referencing Style :: APA


Assessment Task:-


Students are required to write an essay about the Australian Healthcare industry (1200 words +/- 10%).

  1. Describe the structure, role and function of three key regulatory bodies related to nursing in Australia (AHPRA, NMBA and ANMAC) (500 words- note this is a guide only). 10 Marks
  2. Focus on the nursing profession and describe skills, qualities, attributes or knowledge that are valued and required to be successful in the industry. Use evidence to inform the discussion i.e. draw on the Registered nurse standards for practice, code of conduct/code of ethics. What do professionals in the field identify as necessary to be successful (400 words- note this is a guide only). 10 Marks
  3. Reflect briefly on your own individual strengths and weaknesses that are relevant to the valued professional capabilities of nursing that you have already identified. You might like to consider your personality and learning style as well as skills gained through work experience and co-curricular activities. Avoid making generic statements (i.e. teamwork), instead discuss how you know these are your strengths and weaknesses. Explore how enhancing your strengths and improving your areas of weakness will benefit you as a nursing professional (300 words- note this is a guide only). 10 Marks
  4. Scholarly approach; referencing, quality of evidence and written expression. 5 Marks









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