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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 1500




What is leadership? It is a simple question and yet it continues to be a much debated issue among experts and business consultants around the world. At its lowest level of importance leadership is to an extend related to the position of a person in the organization and his or her seniority in the hierarchy. However, in essence the true ability to lead has nothing to do with titles.


Is leadership and management the same thing? The answer is NO! Leadership and management are complimentary issues in the science of management and they are both essential in every organization in order to grow and be able to remain competitive in the market. Managers’ tasks include planning, organizing, controlling and making sure that the organization functions property. Managers manage things, leaders lead people!


Activity Requirements


  • Conduct a literature survey, covering any business sector, to identify 3 cases of business personalities who can be viewed as successful leaders.
  • Describe their leadership style explaining their particular characteristics and their contribution to the development of their organization.
  • Based on the results of your investigation you are required to provide a definition of leadership, providing comments and justification of your definition.



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