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Assignment Details:

  • Title: Understanding the value of Succession Planning 
  • Words: 1500


Assessment 6 Short Questions


Q 1:    Short Questions                                                                                               (12)

  • Define Succession
  • Outline the attributes of a succession
  • Why is senior-level support essential to the succession planning process?
  • Outline the layers of complexity involved in succession
  • Describe the 4 Ds used in the formal process for Appreciative Inquiry (AI).
  • Why does a succession plan require a system of evaluation?

Q 2:    Discuss the SUCCESS Model.                                                                          (4)

Q 3:   How would you identify resources during succession planning?                   (4)

Q 4:   Write a note on “Individualised Engagement Plans”.                                                (5)

Q 5:   Describe the six-step Evaluation Process of a succession plan.                                 (5)