The Holiday Meal Turkey Ranch Data – Considering buying two different types of turkey feed


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There is two different brands of turkey feed and blending them


The Holiday Meal Turkey Ranch is considering buying two different brands of turkey feed and blending them to provide a good, low-cost diet for its turkeys. Each feed contains, in varying proportions, some or all of the three nutritional ingredients essential for fattening turkeys. Each pound of brand 1 purchased, for example, contains 5 ounces of ingredient A, 4 ounces of ingredient and 0.5 ounces of ingredient C. Each pound of brand 2 contains 10 ounces of ingredient A,3 ounces of ingredient B, but no ingredient C. The brand 1 feed costs the ranch 2 cents a pound, while the brand 2 feed costs 3 cents a pound. The minimum requirements of Ingredient A, B & C are 90, 48 &1.5 ounces.


The owner of the ranch would like to use LP to determine the lowest-cost diet that meets the minimum monthly intake requirement for each nutritional ingredient. Required:

  • Formulate an LPP.
  • Change the LPP into its standard form.
  • Solve the LPP by using; a. Graphical method b. Simplex algorithm methods  


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