SIB7503-B Globalization And Contemporary Issues In International Business


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  • Course Code: SIB7503-B Globalization and Contemporary Issues in International Business
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 3000
  • University: University of Bradford
  • Country: UK



Students are expected to produce an individual report which should be well structured and original, should consist Students should shape their own topic according to the guidelines below and discuss their topic suggestion with the module tutor. The report should relate to issues covered in the module and explore how current trends in international business affect business. Here are some suggestions of possible topics to choose from:


A European company is considering investing in sub-Saharan Africa. You have been tasked to provide a report and consider various options. Which countries would you recommend, and what are the opportunities and threats to be given careful attention?


Analyze similarities and differences in regional integration between Africa and another part of the world (e.g. the European Union, or ASEAN, USMCA or Mercosur).


It has been argued that African development would need to be supported by a massive investment plan comparable to the Marshall Plan after WW2 if the continent’s economy is to be made sustainable. Discuss.


Investigate Chinese investments in Africa and analyze their impact on the continent’s economies.


It is frequently argued that the Belt and Road Initiative is for China a means of shaping the trade roads of tomorrow to the advantage of China. Others consider that the BRI will generate win-win situations for all participating countries. Discuss.


Consider one specific policy of the European Union and discuss how it influences a firm or a sector of your choice.


Review the impact that establishing the Single European Market has had on a firm of a sector of your choice.


‘With Brexit the UK becomes the only country in the world to impose economic sanctions on itself.’ Discuss.


Consider an external policy of the European Union (e.g. trade, competition, and environment) and investigate EU-relations with another region such as China or the US and possible tensions in EU-China or EU-US relations (or another bloc or country) in this particular policy area.


The advent of illiberal regimes in Western economies (UK with Brexit, the US with D. Trump, Poland and Hungary) and around the globe open up major issues of concern to European companies. Examine these concerns, either in the context of the EU, or in the context of the UK, or of the US.


Students who wish to formulate their own topic rather than choosing one of the above are welcome to do so. Students wishing to do so must seek approval of their alternative topic with the module leader to ensure that it is suitable and fits with the overall aims of the module.