System Testing Assessment Task Answer

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  • Referencing Styles: Open
  • Words: 2750
  • Course Code: KII6027
  • Course Title: system testing
  • University: Kingsford International Institute
  • Country: AU




Part A: Manage Testing Procedures


You are required to perform the following tasks:


1. Verify that the test environment has been created and that it is functional. Resources must include at least three test machines (running Windows 10) with internet connection and at least three browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome).


2. Create appropriate test data (test scripts/stubs) necessary for executing the tests (using test cases and test scripts). Load the website project (testing codes and database) into the test environment.


3. Conduct software testing according to the approved test plan using the test data you have created in Assessment 1. Complete testing of functionality, usability and performance, and record all test results carefully using the provided “testing report template”.


4. Apply minor alterations to the project codes (website code package) as required in order to circumvent or resolve the errors detected. When major alterations are required, generate an incident (request for bug fix) using the “spreadsheet” you have previously created in Assessment 1.


5. Transfer the altered project codes into “production environment” which consists of a business-grade web server, database and hosting tools. Perform a full system test on the production server to ensure that all features of the website are operational and stable. Record the outcome of the full system test using the provided “testing report template”


Part B: Review System for Completeness and Accuracy


1. Create a problem report for deviations from the expected results documented in the system test plan scenario.


2. Produce a system test report containing a summary of test results and identified issues classified according to priority levels.


3. Develop an action plan to address identified functional or performance discrepancies and required corrections to be applied.


4. Using the system requirements (as a checklist) and acceptance criteria from your test plan, evaluate results of the system test to determine acceptability of the overall website. Brief your supervisor via email about the outcome of the tests conducted (summary of test results) and your recommended action plan, seeking confirmation to proceed further.


5. Prepare a schedule of code changes, modifications and/or further maintenance based on the test results following the action plan.