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Question 1

Project managers, in the pursuit of their profession, affect the quality of life of all people in our society. Therefore, it is vital that project managers conduct their work in an ethical manner to earn and maintain the confidence of team members, colleagues, employees, clients and the public. Critically discuss the criteria for the appointment of a project manager by referring to the Goshe Corporation MIS project. Do you believe that Goshe Corporation took these criteria into consideration? Justify your stance.


According to Chan (2013), project management is defined as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities, to meet project requirements. Project management advanced into a formal discipline that could be studied and practiced. Techniques for planning, managing, scheduling and costing originally developed and 1960s, predominantly on large aerospace and construction projects. During this time, project management was mainly considered when determining project schedules in terms of understanding the sequence that is used in completing various work activities.


Discuss the criteria for the appointment of a project manager

  • Technical and Integration skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Project management experience
  • Knowledge of the organization
  • Ability to gain the cooperation of key stakeholders


  1. Communication

One of the most important skills for project management skills is communication. Great communication and effective leadership typically go hand-in-hand. Project management involves leading teams from different departments who may not be used to working together. Members may have different skills and may be expected to bring something unique to the table. A communicator who can provide clear instructions and expectations for their teams may increase work productivity and efficiency.


Another key to communication is awareness of word choice, tone and body language. Project managers aim for clarity and sensitivity, and have an ability to speak clear and concise with all team members.


  1. Time Management

The ability to manage time and prioritize tasks is an essential characteristic of efficient project managers. Workers may respond better to managers who are able to stay on task, avoid procrastination and complete work on time. In addition to personal time management, project managers must be able to maximize productivity and minimize distractions in several key project areas.


It’s also important for project managers to avoid the temptation of managing too much. Good managers can adapt to changes in the project, and develop trust between team members, rather than micromanage.


  1. Organizational Awareness

There are several different types of organizational structure in project management and all have an impact on management style. In businesses with a functional organizational structure, a traditional business hierarchy tasks senior executives with overall project quality. In a project-based organizational structure, project teams are given a degree of autonomy to manage projects as they see fit, ultimately placing project managers in positions of overall responsibility.


Awareness of how an organization is structured and how project teams are formed is very important for project management professionals. Managers must have a clear sense of the current chain of command and whether they or senior executives will bear responsibility for final deliverables.


  1. Problem-Solving

Project management tends to follow a specific problem-solving framework. While each of these points can certainly be discussed in further detail, successful project managers generally have at the very least a basic understanding of the following problem-solving approach.


  • Be proactive in finding new, potential problems rather than waiting to see if anything goes wrong.
  • Clearly define the problem and what you are trying to solve to help provide a clear set of objectives and a pathway to success.
  • Analyze the problem in detail to uncover any variables that may help identify the root of the issue.
  • Develop an awareness of all possible solutions to the problem and their respective pros and cons.
  • Choose the best solution from each of the options in the previous step.
  • Oversee the implementation of the solution and adjust to meet any complications.
  • Pause to reflect on your problem-solving attempt to determine its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Leadership

It may seem obvious, but strong leadership skills are crucial for project managers. This trait combines strong communication skills with a calm temperament and a positive, can-do approach to problem-solving. Leaders must also be able to form and manage teams and communicate with stakeholders. Effective project managers tend to be excellent decision-makers and are able to delegate responsibilities to the team members most equipped to handle them.


Apply the theory to the case study project


Question 2

Understanding the challenges related to a functional structure and the need for using time wisely, especially within a project environment, project managers tend to prefer a projectized organisational structure which can be defined as “any organizational structure in which the project manager has full authority to assign priorities, apply resources, and direct work of persons assigned to the project” (Kloppenborg et al., 2014). It can be argued that the conflict at Goshe Corporation may be partly due the fact that the organisation did not adopt a projectized organisational structure. Critique this assertion by discussing the projectized organisational structure and the advantages and disadvantages there of.


Discuss the projected organisational structure and the advantages and disadvantages there of

Minterzberg (1972): Organizational structure is referred to as a framework of the relationships on jobs, systems, operating processes, people, and groups attempting to achieve goals is referred to as organizational structure. An organizational structure is a set of methods for dividing a task into specific


-Members of the project team report directly to the project manager, allowing for faster and better decision making.  This saves time for project managers and free the workload as well for employees. It fosters respects for project managers since employees need leaders that they can rely on and trust on the decision-making process. Fast decision making prevents and minimise conflicts that can arise at work place due to people not being able to the project manager not being assertive on the decision which leaves the workload on the employees. Productivity is increased as a result of fast decision making. This minimizes frustrations on the employees which can lead to inefficiency in the work place.


-Project team members can establish strong communication lines.


-Team members work in an ever-changing and adaptable environment.


-Team members contribute their skills and experience from previous projects. This shortens the decision-making process and increases flexibility.


-Stakeholder concerns are usually addressed quickly.duties and coordinating them.


Apply the theory to the case study project


Question 3

A project charter is a document which formalizes the commitment of the organisation to undertake the project which is in line with its strategic objectives. Therefore, developing the project charter is the process of developing a d document that formally authorises the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organisational resources to project activities (Project Management Institute, 2017:75). Critically discuss a project charter and thereafter, design a project charter for Goshe Corporation’s MIS project.


Critically discuss a project charter


Design a project charter for the case study project


Question 4 

Project Stakeholder Management includes the processes required to identify the people, groups, or organisations that could impact or could be impacted by the project, to anlayse stakeholder expectations and their impact on the project, and to develop appropriate management strategies for effectively engaging stakeholders in project decisions and execution (Project Management Institute, 2017:24). Discuss the stakeholder management process that the project team of Goshe Corporation could have adopted in order to mitigate the conflict that had arisen.


Discuss the stakeholder management process


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