PLBA 4003 – Responsibility to Law Society


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: PLBA 4003
  • Course Title: Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Referencing Styles: Footnotes and bibliography
  • Words: 9000+
  • University: Humber College
  • Country: CA


Assessment Task:-


  1. Select a case to analyse for this assignment –if you wish to discuss your choice, arrange a meeting with me in my office hours by sending me a message on the blackboard.
  2. The case you select should be either a case that was heard or will be heard before the Law Society Tribunal OR a case that you have found that is riddled with ethical breaches by the lawyer/paralegal that may not necessarily have resulted in an LSO complaint. You can select a case involving a paralegal or lawyer, and these can be found on the Law Society Tribunal site or from legal databases like Quick Law, West Law or CANLI accessible via Humber Library site.
  3. Gather other materials to prepare yourself to complete this assignment, including the Rules of Professional Conduct for Paralegals, Law Society Act, Law Society Rules of Practice, Practice Directions and other legislation that can be found here.
  4. In addition to the case itself that you do additional research in Legal Research Materials found online or in the library, including Quick law, Westlaw, CANL II, journal articles, official reports, media and blogs to be able to analyse the case well.
  5. Read the case and perform the FIL(R) AC analysis so that the elements of the case are broken down and explained and the legal significance of the case is conveyed.
  6. Engage yourself in the legal analysis of the case to determine the ethical breaches that may have or did take place. Identify the ethical breach and explain them in the paper?
  7. Make persuasive arguments and analysis of the impact that this case has had on ethical standards required for lawyers/paralegals, and the profession itself.
  8. What is the change in the public’s perception of paralegals/lawyers as a result of this case? What impact does the decision or outcome of the case have on practice?
  9. Prepare a paper that contains all of the above elements. Provide a list of sources.
  10. Use footnotes to give credit to thoughts, quotes, information that is not your own.
  11. The length of the essay should not be longer than 5 pages, excluding source page.