Nursing Practice: Respiratory Health Case Study Assessment


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Assignment Details:

Words: 3000


1)     Written Assignment (80%)


Students are required to present a case study assignment, which discusses and evaluates the advanced nursing assessment of an adult experiencing a respiratory health condition within the context of specialist nursing practice.

The overall aim of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate competence in Advanced Respiratory Assessment.

The student is expected to present, and critically discuss a case study of a patient with a respiratory disease of their choice.

The emphasis of the case study should include their understanding and approach to;


  • The Respiratory Disease (briefly)
  • History of presenting illness
  • Comprehensive health history
  • Physical Examination and findings
  • Clinical reasoning and diagnosis
  • Medical and Nursing Management ( Ideally refer to guidelines relevant to the specific respiratory disease if available)
  • The role of the ANP/CNS


Use evidence and appropriate referencing throughout the assignment to support your discussion.


Writing the case study


It is important when writing any assignment to keep it clear and systematically structured so that the reader can easily follow your thought process throughout the assignment.


The assignment should have an introduction, main body and conclusion. Sub headings are often useful to add structure to the assignment however exercise caution because they can also obstruct the flow.


Please ensure to maintain the confidentiality of the individuals and your organisation so that neither are easily identified by the reader.


References are not included in the word count.


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