NURS 2000 Behavioral Response To Chronic Illness


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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 2250
  • Course Code: NURS 2000
  • Course Title: Behavioral Response to Chronic Illness
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU



The purpose of this critical review is to demonstrate an understanding of your chosen article in terms of its; relevance to you as a student RN/Paramedic, research robustness, reference to psycho social issues (both stated and potential), and how these impact the health and well being of families, contribution to the interdisciplinary approach, and finally its meaningfulness to your own clinical practice. To achieve this, you will need to consider the article’s strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas, presenting a fair and reasoned critique. Please use the following guidelines carefully and refer to the marking rubric:


1. Your brief introduction should outline the purpose of your paper and: a. identify the aim of the article, b. include a brief summary of the research setting, sample, and findings c. Conclude your introduction with a general statement about the review (e.g., “The article contributes to best practice….” or “The value of this article is its contribution to the professional knowledge of nursing/paramedic students by….”). Please use your own statement. The position you take should be justified in the body of your critical review.


2. Your critical review will identify the study design (including research methods used by the authors) and critically analyze the design concerning the strengths and limitations of the chosen research methodology and the aims of the study.


3. Consider how this article can help healthcare providers consider psycho social factors associated with the chronic disease(s) AND identify what psycho social issues this article either does or could draw attention to. Your critical review will also identify and explain how these psycho social factors impact individuals and/or families and their responses to the chronic illness.


4. Your critical review will then include your understanding of the interdisciplinary approach and follow with an explanation of strengths and limitations and how the article can contribute to the interdisciplinary approach and knowledge to achieve best practice management of chronic illness. It is crucial here that you demonstrate an understanding of what the interdisciplinary approach is.