Networking Principles and Protocols – Scenario Assignment


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic :: Networking
  • Document Type :: Assignment help (any type)
  • Subject :: Computer Science
  • Deadline :*: As Per Required
  • Number of Words :: 3000
  • Citation/Referencing Style :: Harvard


Assignment Task:-


Purpose of this assignment                       

Computer networks have become the essence of our daily lives. Computer networks are the driving force behind the evolution of computer systems allowing users to access data, hardware and services regardless of their location. The major purpose of this assignment is to provide the students an opportunity to exhibit their knowledge in the field of computer networking, how the network operates, protocols, standards, security considerations and the prototypes associated with a range of networking technologies.


The assignment will help the students to check their knowledge for configuring and installation of networking system exploring the range of technologies and troubleshooting the network. The students will be able to demonstrate their skills and understandings over the operation of IP data networks, router, switching technologies, IP routing technologies, IP services and troubleshooting through the completion of this assignment.


Besides technical stuffs, the students will be demonstrating their skills such as communication literacy, critical thinking, analysis, reasoning and interpretation, which are crucial for gaining employment and developing academic competence.

The completion of this assignment will illustrate that the student has been able to:

  • Examine networking principles and their
  • Examine networking devices and operations.
  • Design efficient networked
  • Implement and diagnose networked

There are two parts based on the scenario. You are required to contextualize the task as per the given scenario wherever possible.


Each student has to submit their assignment as guided in the assignment brief. The students are guided what sort of information is to be produced to meet the targeted criteria. All the tasks need to be done individually and the student has to produce an individual assignment.


Assignment submission format

Each student has to submit their assignment as guided in the assignment brief. The students are guided what sort of information is to produce to meet the criteria targeted. Some tasks might require group work, but the student has to produce individual assignment.


Scenario I

Standard Chartered Bank is International level commercial banks in Nepal.

The head office and corporate office of the bank is located in Kathmandu.   The bank has a network of 145 branches, 138 Branchless banking, 2 Extension counter and 178 ATM terminals. The organization has recently made a decision of opening a new branch in Lakeside in order to facilitate general public with its financial services. For the given branch, central office has decided with the following structure of the office.

There are five departments with following responsibilities and infrastructure:


IT Department: It is the department with core responsibility of managing, configuring and maintaining the IT infrastructure of the branch office. Network and System management, configuration of server features and services, network planning, design and implementation, etc. are the main functionalities of this department. There is infrastructure for IT officer and Assistant IT Officer available in the bank.


Finance Planning Department: This department is responsible for financial planning of the bank. It comprises of Finance Officer along with other three lower level officers responsible for the operation of finance department.


HR Department: This department is responsible for managing and optimizing the work force of the branch. Hiring, firing, capacity development of working personnel, etc. are some of the main responsibilities of the bank. It comprises of a HR Officer allowing with an assistant officer for its operation.


Management Department: This department is solely responsible for operational management of the branch office. It comprises of a Branch Manager and other two personnel for its operation.


Account Department: This department is responsible for handling all the accounts of bank. Regular internal audit and monitoring of account is done by this department. It comprises of Account Head and other two account staffs for its operation.


You have been hired as and IT officer in the IT Department and your major roles and responsibilities are to Plan, manage, design, implement and optimize the network system for the bank considering IP addressing, Server System, various other services, Network devices, Security devices etc.

In order to prepare a report, your report will demonstrate that you understand the principles of network infrastructure management and able to design, implement and test complex network systems suitable to banking sector.


Part 1

LO1 Examine networking principles and their protocols.

LO2 Explain networking devices and operations.


You will need to produce a report for the CEO that includes the following:

  1. An introduction to provide an overview of your report.
  2. An explanation of networking principles, protocols and devices, including benefits and constraints of networked solutions, the impact of network topology, communication and bandwidth requirements, effectiveness of networking systems, operating principles of networking devices and server types, networking software and inter- dependence of workstation hardware with relevant networking software and range of the server types.


Part 2

LO3 Design efficient networked systems.

LO4 Implement and diagnose networked systems.


This part of the assignment will contain the following based on the tasks in section 1 and section 2.

  • A LAN design plan and blueprint and justification document.
  • A fully completed test plan including an evaluation of results and recommendations for improvements to LAN.
  • A proposed and justified maintenance schedule.
  • Evidence of an implemented network.


Section 1 based on the scenario above, design efficient networked systems

  1. Mention a written step of how you are going to design a Local Area Network including a blueprint of your LAN.
  2. Justify your choice of devices for your network design.
  3. Produce a test plan to evaluate this design for the requirements of bandwidth and cost constraints as per user specifications.
  4. Produce a maintenance schedule to support the networked system.


Section 2 Implement test and diagnose networked systems

  1. Implement a networked system based on your prepared design.
  2. Conduct verification with Ping, trace route, etc.
  3. Record the test results and analyze these against expected results.
  4. Investigate what functionalities would allow the system to support device growth and the addition of communication devices.
  5. Discuss the significance of upgrades and security requirements in your recommendations.


Pass Merit Distinction
LO1Examine networking principles and their protocols
P1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different network types and standards.

P2 Explain the impact of network topology, Communication and bandwidth requirements.

M1Compare common networking principles and how protocols enable the effectiveness of networked systems. LO1 & 2

D1     Critically      evaluate          the topology protocol selected for a given scenario to demonstrate the efficient utilisation of a networking system.

LO2 Explain networking devices and operations
P3Discuss the operating principles of networking devices and server types.

P4 Discuss the inter- dependence of workstation hardware with relevant networking software.

M2 Explore a range of server types and justify the selection of a server, considering a given scenario regarding cost and performance optimisation.
LO3Design efficient networked systems
P5 Design a networked system to meet a given specification.

P6 Test and evaluate the design to meet the requirements and analyse user feedback with the aim of improving efficiency.

M3 Install and configure network services and applications on your choice. D2Design a maintenance schedule to support the networked system.
LO4 Implement and diagnose networked systems
P7 Implement a networked system based on a prepared design. M4 Recommend potential enhancements for the networked systems. D3Use    critical     reflection    to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions.
P8 Document and analyse test results against expected results.