(MIS) Management Information System Assignment



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  1. In the current e-world, any organization’s massive operations are managed by various types of information systems that help them to achieve their goals of providing superior services to their clients. Choose an organization of your choice (preferably your own organization) and discuss the essential Information systems, its features, issues, improvements to be made.


  1. Take an example of either a Banking System / Airline reservation system and evaluate its MIS characteristics.


  1. Discuss application of ERP in the Retail Sector by choosing an ERP employed in Retail Industry.


  1. Evaluate in general terms, the challenges facing social networking websites (eg, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Telegram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok etc.) and identify ways companies can prepare to face these issues.


  1. Case Study: Go through the case study and answer the questions that follow. Dell Computer Corporation a leading direct computer systems company was founded in 1984. Dell sells its computer systems directly to end customers, bypassing distributors and retailers (resellers). Dell’s supply chain consists of only three stages— the suppliers, the manufacturer (Dell), and end users.


Dell’s direct contact with customers allows it to:


  • Properly identify market segments,
  • Analyze the requirements and profitability of each segment,
  • And develop more accurate demand forecasts.


Dell matches supply and demand because its customers order computer configurations over the phone or online (Internet). These computer configurations are built up from components that are available. Dell’s strategy is to provide customized, low cost, and quality computers that are delivered on time. Dell successfully implemented this strategy through its efficient manufacturing operations, better supply chain management and direct sales model. Dell takes orders directly from its customers; either on phone or online. Thus, Dell reduces the cost of intermediaries that would otherwise add up to the total cost of PC for the customer. Dell also saves time on processing orders that other companies normally incur in their sales and distribution system. Moreover, by directly dealing with the customer Dell gets a clearer indication of market trends. This helps Dell to plan for future besides better managing its supply chain.


Another advantage Dell gets by directly dealing with the customer is that it is able to get the customers’ requirements regarding software to be loaded. Dell loads the ordered software in its plant itself before dispatching it. By eliminating the need of a PC support engineer to load software, the customers gain both in time and cost. They can use the PC’s the moment they arrive.


a).  Based on your understanding of the above case, spell out the business model of DELL?

b).  What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of DELL directly dealing with the customer through the business model? What are its long-term implications?

c).  If DELL intends to extend this model to UAE, enlist the possible challenges based on your view. d. In your opinion, spell out the success probability of DELL extending their business model to UAE? Provide reasons.




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