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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: MGMT 4102
  • Course Title: Case Analysis
  • Referencing Styles: As Per Required
  • Words: 1000+
  • University: California State University
  • Country: US


Among several definitions of entrepreneurship, a leading definition suggests that entrepreneurship is defined as identifying and exploiting previously unexplored opportunities. How does this case support this definition? From an institution-based view, what factors pushed Best Laboratories to create Farmacias Similares (FS) with a new Pharmacy-Doctor business model in 1997? More recently, what additional institution-based factors promoted its diffusion from the BoP to middle and upper- class markets? From a resource-based view, how easy or difficult it is for competitors to offer a similar Pharmacy- Doctor Business model?


Given your answer, how sustainable is FS’s competitive advantage? If you were a member of the FS Board, of the two directions being entertained, who one would you recommend?


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