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Assignment Details:

  • words: 4000

A critical evaluation of case study: In an organization of your choice, develop a case study centered on one of the topics covered in the module and analyze the case using appropriate theories/concepts/perspectives.




The topic should be addressed in a 4,000-word structured essay. The answer should be based on:

  • The concepts and ideas presented in the core required readings and the lectures,
  • The concepts and ideas contained in the additional readings suggested for the module,
  • The concepts and ideas contained in any other additional sources (namely, academic journal articles, books, or book chapters) that you deem relevant for the chosen




COVER PAGE: See coursework style guide



This section provides the positioning for your essay (scope and objectives, nature of the problem). It should include an introduction to the overall theme of your paper as well as a rationale for your chosen topic (why is it relevant, interesting, etc.?)



Provide a review of the literature relevant to your chosen topic(s). If appropriate extend the literature review into a theoretical framework that will guide case study analysis.


SECTION THREE: CASE STUDY (about 1000 words)

Select one or more companies for which your chosen problem area might be relevant. The case study should rely on secondary data that you can collect from a variety of sources. These include primarily (but not exclusively) business newspapers/magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, Business Week, etc. Alternatively, you can search short business articles on the Internet (e.g. BBC, CNN, etc.).


SECTION FOUR: DISCUSSION (about 1000 words)

Apply the theoretical concepts reviewed in the literature to the analysis and interpretation of the case study.


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