HRM845 Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: HRM845
  • Course Title: Human Resources and Industrial Relations
  • Referencing Styles: MLA
  • Words: 9999+
  • University: Seneca College
  • Country: CA


Assessment Task:-


The following two parts are to be uploaded in the Assignments section on Blackboard by the due date.


Part A: (10%): Based on your readings of the materials and your own interpretation, answer the following questions on Blackboard (Two Points each):

A1: Which party do you think had the most power in this dispute?

A2: Which party has the most public support in this dispute?

A3: Explain the steps that had to occur, under the law, for the UNIFOR casino workers to be in a legal position to conduct the strike.

A4: What do you perceive to be the BATNA of the employer, Caesars Windsor?

A5: Based on your understanding of the concepts in Chapter Seven, what style of bargaining were the parties using to negotiate a new collective agreement?

Be sure to explain your logic in answering each one of these questions.


Part B: (10%): After reviewing the excerpts of the expired collective agreement and the information from the readings about the strike and the settlement, assume that you are a member of the UNIFOR bargaining team.

B1: Rank the titles of the six articles in the order that you perceive to be the most important to your membership to the least important to your membership, provide them in a list. Explain why you have chosen this order with and give special emphasis on why you think the top one is most important. 100 words or less. (3 points)

B2: Three parts to this question:

(a) From the perspective of a member of the UNIFOR bargaining team, consider what a portion of an ideal new collective agreement should look like. Select one of the provisions in the excerpts (one paragraph or clause) of the articles of the collective agreement. Prepare revised language for that excerpt using CAPS to indicate which part is changing from the original language (You may change all or some of the provision).

(b) Follow up with a short description of what you think that change means and how it will help the membership in the future.


Indicate what you expect the perspective of management to be on your proposed change.