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Assignment Details:-

  • Subject: Finance
  • Number of Words: 3500
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


Assignment Part A


The Aim of Part A of the Assignment

The aim of Part A of this assignment is to enable you to be familiar with the information in annual reports and develop your skills in interpreting the information content of financial statements of companies by using financial ratios and other financial indicators.



You have recently been invited to interview for a management position at a listed company. For your interview with the Board you have been asked you to prepare a three part report:


1. The first part will analyze the past financial performance of the company based solely on public information available. Financial statements to be examined will include statement of financial position (balance sheet), income statement (profit and loss), and cash flow The Chief Executive is expecting analysis of the last two years to be discussed. The analysis will consist of financial ratios, percentage change statements and any other relevant financial indicators. All calculations are to be presented in an appendix, and a summary table of ratios should be shown in main body of your report. It may help your answer if you identify the business model your chosen company is pursuing; for example, are they pursuing a premium pricing strategy, or a high volume and low cost strategy.


2. The second part requires that after reviewing the past financial information you are expected to provide suggestions on how to improve the future financial performance of the


Note the focus of this assignment is on financial performance. You can structure this report in any way that you think would be appropriate but the Board will be expect you to show a clear understanding of past financial performance and importantly based on this evidence give clear recommendations on the financial position going forward.


You have to select a listed company. This is a great opportunity to learn more about a company or industry you are interested in. Send the name of your company to your local counselor or lecturer, if you do not have a local counselor. This is to ensure your chosen company is suitable for analysis. Before submitting your company for approval, ensure that the information that you will need is shown in the annual report as some companies disclose more than others.


Sources of Information

Your main source of information is the annual report which will be available on the company’s website. The company website may have more information in the section for ‘investor relations’. You may wish to use other reference sources that are available on the university library website. Give clear reference to all sources used and numbered footnote references should be included in the text of your report.


Assignment Part B


The Aim of Part B of the Assignment

The aim of Part B of this assignment is to enable you to be familiar with the financial information that is used internally within the firm, specifically considering the use and importance of budgets.



After your appointment to the company you discover that one of the finance related problems is the limited acceptance by management and employees of the budgeting process. This subsequently leads to budgets not being adhered to. The Chief Executive has asked you to try and address this problem by producing a report for management and employees that:


1. Discusses  possible   reasons     why   budgets    can   fail   and   are   not    accepted by managers/employees.


2. Provides arguments of how you can overcome these problems and highlight the advantages of budgets.


Students should try and connect their answer to Part B to their chosen company in Part A. However students may also want to consider creating a simple fictitious example budget that would show the management and employees how all of the individual budgets flow in to the master budget.


The Aim of Part C of the Assignment

The aim of the third part of the assignment is to consolidate your understanding of the difference between profit and cash, and the importance of different performance measures used in business.



1. The cash movement in the year will generally never equal the profit earned in the With reference to the cash flow statement, explain the difference between profit and cash and include a numeric example to illustrate your answer.


2. Cash is only one factor monitored by business; identify and discuss other financial and non-financial performance measures businesses should monitor.


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