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Business Law is the subject that describes the multiple business elements. It talks about the fundamental rules and guidelines that every company needs to follow. Business Law case study help furnished by us makes it easier for the students to understand the concepts well.




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Example :

Person A decided to sell his flat to person B for ₹ 20 lakhs B accepted that proposal and give his permission to A within a stimulated (reasonable) time period. A was having two flats, one is located at Andheri another is located at Kandivali. A puts a proposal for a flat which is located at Andheri and it is accepted by B in the same manner

There are some important questions regarding this proposal

1) Define Contract?
2) Define Agreement
3) Is it a valid contract?
4)Define Consideration (Quid pro quo) and what is the consideration for Person A and Person B in the above case study?
5)Define Subject Matter. What is the subject matter in the above case study?
6) Define Consensus Ad Idem. Is there consensus ad idem in the above case study?
7) Is it a free consent?
8) Define Offer?
9) Define Acceptance?
10) Is it a valid acceptance?
11) Who is the Promisor and who is the Promisee in the above case study?


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