COMP1084 Assignment Analysis on Marketing Program

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Assignment Details:-

  • Assignment Type: Individual
  • Words: 1500


Assignment 2: Data Analysis


What the assignment is about:

You work as an analyst. You have been contracted by the Major League Baseball Association. They have given you the salaries and stats of all the ball players and want you to answer six (6) questions with detailed answers-


1. Using the Baseball Salaries data, insert the VLOOKUP function to display the Team Name and number of Wins into column F and G.


2. Which position makes the most money (has the highest average salary)? You decide which method to use to obtain the answer, as long as the question is answered! (and work must be shown to obtain marks) Include a suitable chart displaying the average salaries, and a statement to conclude your answer.


For your information baseball positions are:

P = Pitcher

C = Catcher

CF = Center Field

LF = Left Field

RF = Right Field

1B = First Base

2B = Second Base

SS = Short Stop

3B = Third Base

DH = Designated Hitter


3. Using conditional formatting, identify the top 10% salaries in green and the bottom 10% salaries in red.


4. Is there a correlation between a team’s total salaries how many games they won? Show and explain your work with a scatter plot graph. Hint: you need to first summarize the total team salaries and average team wins,either using SUMIF/AVERAGEIF or a pivot table (note, you can’t use pivot tables as the input for a scatter plots – but once you have a pivot table you can copy and paste the results as numbers-only into another area in the worksheet)Include a statement to conclude your answer.


5. Calculate the following for team salaries: average, min, max, count, sum.Be sure to include labels for each calculation, and use Team Salaries not player salaries!


6. Using the Team Stats worksheet data, calculate the Win PCT (percentage)for each team,the number of wins vs. the total games played. Sort the range highest to lowest in the Win PCT column.


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