CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assessment 3 – Portfolio of Activities


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance
  • Code: CHCLEG003
  • Words: 4000


Assessment 3 – Portfolio of Activities


Answers to the following Activities should be presented in a combined document called ‘Activities Portfolio.’ Your student name and number should be clearly marked on the covering page of the Activities Portfolio.

If there are any problems accessing the links, please speak with your Trainer for an alternative reading.


Activity 1:

Using the table below, in your own words fill in what you think are the needs and purpose of the group.

Needs of the group Purpose of the group











Activity 2:

  1. Research the following Internet websites and list what they do.
  2. Find 2 other websites which might be useful to support your group and list these and how they could be useful.


Activity 3:

  1. Have a look at the following websites in regards to Codes and Standards of Practice
  2. List at least one Code of Practice you think this business should have?
  3. List at least one Standard of Practice which should be adhered to?
  4. List at least one Licence and associated mandatory training and certification requirement there might be for this kind of business?


Activity 4:

  1. Identify one type of policy and procedure to support a legal and ethical practice which you would need to create to support a group like this?
  2. Research at least one Code of Conduct on a government website. Then Create a Code of Conduct for personnel who will be working in the business. Include the following:
    • Nominate the roles and responsibilities of different people in meeting requirements where multiple people are involved –
    • work role boundaries andlimitations of each person –
    • consequences of non-compliance –
    • records management process for where these are filed–
    • Identify the relevant people to whom breaches of ethical or legal practice would be reported.


Activity 5:

  1. Create a powerpoint (ppt) presentation to present the policies and procedures to your workers, based on this Code of Conduct.
  2. Identify when and how it would be communicated.
  3. Within the PPT, you should also include at least one slide each to cover the following areas:
    • A process foremployees to maintain and update their knowledge of current legal and ethical issues and write this processinto at least one slide in the ppt.
    • A process for evaluation of work practices for non-compliance on an ongoing basis.
    • A process for maintaining and updating required accreditations or certifications of individuals and continuing professional development.
    • A process for record keeping and protecting client information.


Activity 6:

  1. Why is it important for all individuals working there to have an understanding of client/patient boundaries?
  2. Create a Complaints Management Policy and process that covers for if client/patient boundries are breached, which includes:
    • privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
    • key practices that are prohibited by law
    • policy frameworks for this process



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