CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assessment 2– Written Assignment


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance
  • Code: CHCLEG003
  • Words: 4000


Assessment 2– Written Assignment


Imagine that you are setting up a small business to support a self-help group of mothers who have needed assistance with problem issues post-natal such as breastfeeding, understanding baby’s crying, behaviours and mental health welfare of the women themselves (e.g., post-natal depression).


  1. Identify the types and the sources of compliance you would need to be aware of in the business
  2. Identify the specialist legal advisors you would need to consult with for this.
  3. Identify the main ethical framework that applies to this work context.
  4. What would the scope of practice be regarding these ethical considerations and what would it include?
  5. What would be your responsibilities to workers, clients and the broader community for this business?
  6. How could you model ethical behaviour within your own work?
  7. Develop a strategic response to the following different situations where legal or ethical requirements have been breached:
    • A worker gives a mother some baby formula and tells her to use it when the mother clearly wants to breastfeed her baby.
    • An employee constantly leaves electrical cords on the floor where clients walk.
    • A client thinks she “knows it all” and keeps telling the other mothers what they should be doing instead of listening to the specialists at the centre.



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