BUSN4100 Business Research – Qualitative and Quantitative Methods


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: BUSN4100
  • Course Title: Business Research Methods
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 2750
  • University: The University of Newcastle
  • Country: CA




Problem definition outline of exactly what has happened (normally in the organisation ) that is driving you to research this issue This draws links with the context and shows why the question is important.


The Research Question, Research Objectives – You then need a well-focused research question and objectives (that is what you need to understand to address the research question – these must link directly to the question – what do you need to know and include in your research in order to answer the research question). It is important to really think about these as they are the core driver for the dissertation and will set the boundaries for what you read; the issues included in the fieldwork question and the analysis.


The Literature Review – the literature review considers what you have read to develop an understanding of the issues related to your problem. Normally at the proposal level, this would be around 10-15 journal references, and you should consider how what you have read has informed your thinking and helped to define and design your study. You should look in the University e-library and also try Google scholar. If you read something useful, follow up on the relevant references that the article uses and look at what they have done more recently. This is an important section as it forms the basis for your literature review. As you read, you need to ask questions of the situation in your organisation and adapt your question and/or objectives as you learn more so that the overall focus links both the practice and theory.


Methodology – What method(s) will you use and why? If mixed methods, you need to consider the relationship between the methods. You need to say something about the sampling – who will you include, why and how will you choose the (sampling approach), characteristics which is important to the study and why you chose them, numbers in your sample. Details about administration and also details about the likely approach to analysis. Do think if primary data collection is possible as most students find this easier although I appreciate that this is not always the case.


Limitations – what are the potential issues at this point that you may have? What might impact on your project and its findings.