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Assignment Details:

  • Title: Business Process Management
  • Words: 1500

Assessment Short Questions

1. Short Questions (14)

  • What is business process management?
  • What is a vision? and what does it enable us to do?
  • What is the design phase in business process management?
  • What is process mapping? and what is its purpose?
  • What is ‘what if analysis’ and how it is performed?
  • What is process mining? How does process mining help the businesses?
  • What is six sigma approach and what is the difference between six sigma and lean sigma approaches?

2. Discuss in details how enterprise content management system works? What is the role of ECM in business process management? (4)

3. How a vision is created and why are visions important? (3)

4. Discuss in detail the steps involved in design testing. (3)

5. What is the difference between workflow and work flow engine? Outline the steps involved in implementing a work flow engine. (3)

6. What is the optimizing phase in business process management? (3)