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NB: You are required to answer the following two questions. Each question will carry equal certain marks and your answer for each question should be around 50 – 100 words minimum:


  • What is deadlock? What is starvation? How do they differ from each other? (12)
  • Describe (4) FOUR general strategies for dealing with (20)
  • What are the (4) FOUR conditions required for deadlocks to occur? (08)


QUESTION THREE              30 MARKS








QUESTIONS                [90 MARKS]


QUESTION ONE          [45 MARKS]


  • What do you understand by CSMA/CD protocol? Briefly explain its (5)


  • Explain the important characteristics of the following types of cables. Also, mention one application in which they are used: (10)


    • Coaxial Cable
    • Twisted pair cable
    • Optical fiber cable


  • Explain the functioning of user datagram protocol (UDP). Mention at least one application that is based on UDP protocol.  (10)


  • Give some advantages and disadvantages of combining the session, presentation, and application layer in OSI model into one single application layer in the internet (20)




Study the Table below and fill in the columns referring to the OSI model.


Layer Protocol What does the layer do Which hardware used

TOTAL: 100



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QUESTION ONE                  (30 MARKS)


A candy company wants a list of its best-selling items, including the item number and the name of candy. Best-selling items are those that sell over R2, 000 per month. Input records contain fields for the item number (three digits), the name of the candy (20 characters), the price per Rands (four digits, two assumed decimal places), and the quantity in Rands sold last month (four digits, no decimals).


1.1          Design the output for this program; create either sample output or a print chart.               (10)


1.2          Draw the flowchart for this program        (10)


1.3          Demonstrate your understanding by developing the pseudo code for this program. (10)









SABC Stores uses an application designed by The application allows customers to order LCD TV Sets of their specified sizes given by the area of the LCD TV Screen. The application interface is as shown:


LCD Monitor Size







QUESTION ONE           (30 MARKS)


  1. Design a Windows application and write the code that will execute according to the program requirements shown in Figure 1-1.


Requirements Document




QUESTION TWO               (30 MARKS)


Design and implement a windows Forms application. Use the following names for the project and solution, respectively: Shipping Depot Project and Shipping Depot Solution. The Shipping Depot store ships packages by FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Create the interface shown in Figure 2-1; the interface contains a group box, 11 labels, and two buttons. The Display Button’s Click event procedure should declare a two-dimensional array that contains four rows (one for each week) and three columns (one for each shipper). Initialize the array using the data shown in Figure 2-1. The procedure should display the total number of packages shipped, the total shipped by FedEx, the total shipped by UPS, and the total shipped by USPS. It should also display the percentage of the total number shipped by each of the different shippers. Display the percentages with a percent sign and no decimal places. Code the application.


Shipping Depot


Figure 2-1: Interface and shipping information




Design and implement a Windows Classic Desktop application and write the code that will execute according to the program requirements in Figure 3-1.


Figure 3-1


Diploma in Information Technology Assignment Answers in 2020


QUESTION ONE             (30 MARKS)


  1. Design a Windows application named Wallpaper App to calculate the number of single rolls of wallpaper required to cover a
  2. Create an interface as shown in Figure 1. There are four combo boxes having a drop down style. Display the range of values for the room’s length, width and height from 10 to 35 in the combo boxes while the value in the combo box for the roll coverage should range from 40 to 50 with an increment of 5.
  3. The calculate button’s click event procedure should calculate and display the number of single rolls of wallpaper required to cover a room. Use a Sub procedure to make the calculation. The number of the single roll should be displayed as an (i.e the number of single roll having a decimal point should be rounded off to the next highest integer).
  4. The number of roll should be cleared when changes are made on any of the combo
  5. Save and test the (For example, if the roll coverage is 45.5 sqrFt and the length, width and height of the room are 15, 18 and 20 respectively, the number of single roll will be 30).


Wallpaper App


Figure 1: Wallpaper App interface


QUESTION TWO            (30 MARKS)


The Financial officer at RGIT wants you to develop an application that will evaluate the company’s asset’s annual depreciation using the double-declining balance and sum-of-the years’ digit method. The Financial officer will enter the asset’s cost, useful life (in years), and salvage value (which is the value of the asset at the end of its useful life). The sample of the application can be seen in Figure 2. The interface provides text boxes for entering the asset cost and salvage value. It also provides a list box for selecting the useful life, which ranges from 3 to 20 years. The depreciation amounts are displayed in the list boxes. (You can use the DDB and SYD functions in Microsoft Excel to verify the amounts shown in Figure 2 are correct). Create a windows form application using the name RGIT annual asset depreciation App. You can use the visual basic’s Financial. DDB method to calculate the double-declining balance depreciation and use its Financial. SYD method to calculate the sum-of-the- years’ digit depreciation. The Financial. DDB method syntax is Financial. DDB (cost, salvage, life, period). The Financial. SYD method syntax is Financial. SYD (cost, salvage, life, period). In both syntaxes, the cost, salvage and life arguments are the asset’s cost, salvage value and useful life respectively. The period argument is the period for which you want the depreciation amount calculated. Both methods return the depreciation amount as double number. Code the application, save the solution and run the application.


Interface for RGIT annual asset depreciation App


Figure 2: Interface for RGIT annual asset depreciation App


QUESTION THREE            (30 MARKS)


The sales manager at ITI Hub has asked you to design and implement a Windows application that will display the total sales made in there three regions in South Africa: Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng and Western cape. The application should display the total sales of the company as well as the percentage that each region contributed to the total sales. Display the sales amounts with a Rand sign and no decimal places. Display the percentages with a percent symbol with no decimal places. The sales amounts for six months are shown in Figure 3. Create a windows application form for this project using the name ITI Hub regional sales. Store the sales amount in a two-dimensional array. Create a suitable interface with an image for the project and run the application.


Month Kwazulu-Natal sales (R) Gauteng sales (R) Western cape sales (R)
1 120,000 90,000 65,000
2 190,000 85,000 64,000
3 175,000 80,000 71,000
4 188,000 83,000 67,000
5 125,000 87,000 65,000
6 163,000 80,000 64,000


Figure 3: ITI Hub sales amount





Figure 3-1




Read from the concept of web development process and reference from your research the below points:


  • What do you need to develop the below website
  • What can you add as a missing part on the below website – How the process of upgrading this website can be done.


Project Overview

Project Overview



Home Page: Your Page should be as follows




Text for question one


Partnerships & Affiliations


In the current economic situation, it becomes mandatory for institutions to increase their networking opportunities through affiliations and partnerships. When partnerships are implemented correctly, the private sector can increase efficiency and choice, and expand access to education services, particularly for households that tend to be poorly served by traditional delivery methods.


Richfield’s relations with the private sector, encompass cooperation with business corporations, small and medium enterprises, professional and economic associations as well as other organizations of the business community, individuals, communities, parents and families.


Richfield recognizes that when we collaborate with some of the most ambitious organizations, we can multiply our impact in areas from education to economic development to poverty alleviation because of our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation status! We have enduring partnerships and affiliations with a number of like-minded organizations and leaders who are eager to help drive global change and deliver true results.


These affiliations and collaborations assist the Institution in inter alia:


  • Availability of exclusive and current online resources
  • Access to a variety of databases
  • Conferences and seminars that staff can attend or participate in
  • Networking
  • Updating on latest cutting edge technology
  • Placement of Students for Work Integrated Learning(WIL)
  • Industry and Academic Experts as External Moderators, members of DACUM Panel and Senate
  • Programme design, development, improvement and review




Media Page: Your Page should be as follows


Richfield 1


Use HTML5 video element to insert any video clip as well as social media icons (vectors)




Richfield 2


Text for payment methods


Payment Methods


Edgars or Jet Card:


Visit any of our Campuses that accept Debit and Credit Cards, and you can also pay with your Edgars or Jet Card! Please note that your Edgars or Jet Thank U Card along with the Card Holder must be present for the transaction. Proof of ID will be required.


Debit or Credit Card:


A cardholder begins a credit card transaction by presenting his or her card to a merchant as payment for goods or services. The merchant uses their credit card machine, software or gateway to transmit the cardholder’s information and the details of the transaction to their acquiring bank, or the bank’s processor.




Download the Snapscan App to your Mobile Phone or Tablet Device. Open the SnapScan app, tap on “Scan” and scan the SnapCode displayed at the shop. This identifies the shop and prompts you to enter the amount you wish to pay. Enter your PIN to secure and complete the transaction. Richfield will receive a notification containing a confirmation of payment from SnapScan and your account will be updated accordingly.


Standard Bank M65 Cash Payment:


Direct Cash Deposits can be made at any branch of Standard Bank using the M65 form which can be obtained from your nearest Campus. This form can only be used at Standard Bank branches. Don’t forget to ensure that your name AND student number are on both sections of the form.


Electronic Funds Transfer (or CDI):


Name of Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa


Name of Account: Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (PTY) Ltd. USE YOUR ICAS NUMBER, INITIALS AND SURNAME AS REFERENCE




Programmes: Your Page should be as follows

You are to design a drop down menu bar using your CSS knowledge. The menu bar should be in all pages.


Richfield 4




Apply Now: Your Page should be as follows

In this page you are supposed to design a form which will retrieve user information. The form should look as follows.


Apply Now


The form should collect the following information

  1. First name—- text field
  2. Last name—- text field
  3. Email address—- text field
  4. Cell Number—- text field
  5. ID Type—– radio button
  6. ID Number—- drop down menu
  7. Course—- drop down menu
  8. Gender—– radio buttons
  9. Population Group—– dropdown menu
  10. Nationality
  11. Address—- text area


Additional marks if u use form validation





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