125.364 Financial Management- Banking Annual Report Preparing Assignment | Bank New Zealand Limited

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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA | 
  • Words:1250
  • Course Code: 125.364
  • Course Title: Bank Financial Management
  • University: Auckland University of Technology
  • Country: NZ


Step 1: Choose one for the task. Each group must choose one bank from the “Big Four” in NZ

1.ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

2.Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

3.ASB Bank

4.Westpac Bank

Step 2: Your group needs to download the Annual Report & Disclosure Statement for the bank that your group chooses. You could download the Annual Report & Disclosure Statement of a bank from its homepage.

Step 3: Your group needs to evaluate the interest rate exposure and credit exposure while analyzing the bank’s financial performance that your group chooses.

Step 4: To compare the interest rate exposure and credit exposure as while the financial performance between the two periods. You may need to address the following issues but not limited in these issues:

a)Why did the RBNZ introduce the LVR to the credit market?

b)How do you measure a bank’s financial performance?

c)What effect should the LVR bring to the bank’s financial performance?

d)What MAJOR changes on the bank’s financial performance before-and-after the LVR introduction to the banking system?

e)How do you measure a bank’s interest rate risk