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CDR report is an efficient document that requires profound knowledge to write. An experienced engineer who wants to migrate to Australia for better career prospects has to write it on his own. The CDR writing service is a part of Migration skills Assessment done by EA. Every engineer has to go through this CDR pathway.





♦ Actually, Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) authorises qualifications of engineer either from Australia or from countries completely undersigned to the Sydney Accord. Others engineers who belong to states, not accredited by EA, have to submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Australia.


♦Hence, if you are an engineer from any Asian country and want to settle down in Australia, you are required to apply for Australian Immigration through the CDR pathway.


♦Now that you know the importance of the CDR report, then you must understand that even a single mistake can ruin your dream. CDR can be rejected on various grounds if you have not followed the guidelines set by EA in MSA booklet.


♦Well, in that case, you require to seek professional assistance to write your CDR report for MSA.


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Assignment Help AUS is a well-known name in this field. We have a consistent success rate of 99% approval. We help the aspiring engineers write their CDR reports for MSA and get a positive assessment in the first attempt. So we can assist you to prepare CDR for Australian Immigration.


Why go for CDR Assessment?


With the rising demand for engineers in various establishments and lack of expert workers in a different market, Australia is seeking more practised engineers with essential skills in the fields like construction, oil and gas, mining, and more. Engineers Australia is the organisation doing the dedicated and focused job in this. Writing highly knowledgeable and professional CDR reports is the criteria for securing a positive assessment by EA. Hence, expert assistance, CDR consultants are necessary to be contacted.


If you are searching for the best CDR consultants for EA Skills Assessment, then just come to us. We offer comprehensive services to all the skilful engineers.


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Here are some of the Salient Features that make us the best CDR Consultant in the Industry.


How Do We Work?

We professionally assist Engineers in preparing their Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) needed to submit to Engineers Australia (EA). It works as a significant part of the Skill Assessment and Australian Immigration process.


Help Prepare CDR Report

We are a self-governing organisation with a highly professional team of CDR writers and engineers who are Australia based. They simply help you to make the CDR report and write your Career Episodes – and get them right in your first attempt.


Give Astounding Approval Results

We have an astonishing 99% CDR approval rate by Engineers Australia. Our team and their extensive experience help you in preparing CDR reports. It means that the entire process is coming up with the CPD list, developing applicable Career Episodes, and writing the Summary Statement appropriately. All are based on your inputs and your academic and industry experiences.


Domain-Specific Writers

Our team has experts from all the engineering disciplines. They are eligible for CDR, RPL and KA02 applications. The experts have extensive experience in writing reports. They are aware of what are the elements required to boost their prospect of successful Migration Skill Assessment for Australia.


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