Get Online Help On ICT380 Information Security Policy And Governance Question Answer

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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA 
  • Words: 2500
  • Course Code: ICT380
  • Course Title: information security policy and governance
  • University: Murdoch University
  • Country: AU


1.The company reacted to this case by prohibiting the hiring of anyone with a felony conviction for any position. Do you think this is an ethically valid practice for this, or any, company, to block hiring any felon? You should reply to this question by considering two moral theories: Utilitarianism and   Deontology. (14 Marks)


2. Below please find the link to an article titled: “10 Real World Applications of Internet of Things (IoT)”. Choose four of these ten applications and discuss their possible challenges in regard to the CIA triangle.  (32 marks)


3.On slide 35 of Lecture 7, some examples of possible security performance measurements were offered. Please read the first 2 pages (pp. 48-49) of the attached paper titled “Metrics for Information Security Vulnerabilities”. The paper offers some criteria for defining a good metric. Are there any metrics from slide 35, Lecture 7, which in your opinion do not meet the criteria of Repeatability and Easiness? Explain your response.  (20 marks)


4. Below please find the link to an article titled: “What are the types of Information Security Vulnerabilities?” As we have discussed in a relevant lecture, implementation of information security can occur in two ways, via a top-down approach and a bottom-up approach. In your opinion, would any of the top 5 vulnerabilities listed at the end of the article be handled better, if a bottom-up implementation approach was chosen in major companies? Please provide detailed explanations for your arguments.  (28 marks)