UCBS7040 Information Management Final Assessment and Interim Assignment Answers


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Final Assessment – 4,500 words


For all questions below, “an organisation of your choice” ideally means “your organisation”, an organisation you are currently working with/for, or have done so in the recent past. This will allow you to develop a much more critical analysis of internal processes and characteristics of the organisation. You are specifically asked NOT to discuss Apple, Google, Amazon, Zara, Walmart, etc., unless you work there.




  1. Conduct a literature review that critically discusses the concepts of
    • Information Governance
    • Information Security

and their importance in information management. Find and discuss relevant literature (peer- reviewed literature is preferred, such as journal articles, conference articles, with books, white papers, practitioner literature, and blog articles having a little less weight).

Weight: 20% of the final mark

  1. After reading the Procter and Gamble case study (Unit 2), critically discuss the role and responsibilities of senior leadership in information governance in the context of Procter and Gamble.

Weight: 15% of the final mark

  1. In an organisation of your choice, perform a critical analysis of their use of information systems and information technology (including cloud services and social media) and how this impacts on staff development, effective flows of communication, and decision making in the organisation.

Weight: 20% of the final mark

  1. Building on your analysis from question #3, critically evaluate possible improvements to the organisation’s use of information systems with emphasis on staff development in line with organisational goals, effective flows of communication, and decision making in the organisation.

Weight: 15% of the final mark

  1. Critically analyse the importance of security in information management in your organisation in particular.

Weight: 15% of the final mark


The remaining 15% of the final mark will be dependent on the quality of Harvard referencing and bibliography, as well as the general presentation of your paper.


Interim Assignment


The Interim assignment requires you to submit, by the end of Unit 3, a draft of the final assessment to Turnitin. Your draft will not be assessed, and it will only cover topics covered in the first three units – we suggest by that time you should have roughly a 1500 to 2000 words paper.


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