Sustainable Development of The Built Environment Assessment

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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Course Code: TC70022E
  • Course Title: sustainable development of the built environment
  • University: University of West London
  • Country: GB


Learning Outcomes

LO 1. Comprehensively manage land resources in urban development

LO 2. Be able to critically identify and evaluate the environmental impact of a development project

LO 3. Demonstrate the capability and skills to assess the environmental impact of urban development by following proper procedures


The Assignment Brief

Title: A critical analysis of developments focusing on criteria for creating sustainable built environments.

There is currently a great number of housing and mixed-use developments in London. These have been increasing the density of the area and changing the social, economic and physical/environmental characteristics of the local areas. You are presented with the three following developments in the Borough of Ealing. These are:


1.Ealing Broadway Centre – Shopping centre, Public Library and Carpark (Completed in 1985)

2.Dicken’s Yard – Mixed-use residential and commercial  (Completed in 2019)

3.FilmWorks – Mixed-use residential, commercial and entertainment/culture (Under Construction – To be completed in 2021)


NOTE:  Each student will choose one of the developments above.


Location of the three developments

Note: If you cannot research or visit any of these three developments because of travel restrictions please choose a mixed-use development in your own country/city

Carry out research on one of these developments, aiming to identify key issues relating to the main principles of   Sustainable Development

– Social, Economic and Environmental. You can use images, diagrams and maps to demonstrate your understanding of these issues.


Relevant knowledge of key concepts

(1)Identify key issues relating to Sustainable development.

(2)Appraise existing developments in relation to Sustainability

Documentation is easy to read, key features clearly annotated and presented in a structured and professional manner. Please narrate and record your

Support these with the theory of Sustainable development and critically linked to the following documents:


1.National Level (NPPF- National Planning Policy Framework)

2.Regional Level (e.g. London Plan) and

3.Local level (Local plans, Borough of Ealing Borough)


If you have chosen a development that is not in England, please look at the equivalent legislation and guidance.


Note: You may use appendices to record extracts from relevant documents that should not be placed as quotation within your main report. Please highlight relevant sections to demonstrate your understanding and show your analytical skills to assess and appraise the assignment issues. Please also use relevant charts, figures or images to reinforce your work.


(1)Identify and highlight  key legislation documents relating to Sustainable Development

(2)Appraise / evaluate how  legislation can be implemented to ensure sustainable development for the United Kingdom

Documentation is easy to read, key features clearly annotated and presented in a structured and professional manner

Each student chooses one of the developments above


Task 1: Presentation with recorded narration

A full report including a comprehensive and critical review of the question

You will complete this assignment individually but you are encouraged to participate in group discussions and other in-class activities to help you strengthen your ideas.


This assignment is expected to be a professionally written report of 3000 (+/- 10%) words.  The marking scheme indicates how different learning outcomes will be assessed.  Your report must aim to directly respond to the brief provided in this document using logical reasoning and evidence. The data that you use in your report must be derived from reliable sources, be factual and up-to-date.


This report is also perceived as an academic report and therefore the use of proper referencing and adequate citation of sources in Harvard style is compulsory.

The report must be checked for English grammar and spelling before final submission on Blackboard as a PDF file.  When submitting your file please follow the saving instructions below:

Note: It is important to avoid direct speech including writing in the first person (e.g. I, we, you, etc.). Any abbreviations used in your report must be fully explained.


7.Interim In-Class Feedback / Tutorials

You are advised to discuss your progress with the Module Leader during the tutorial sessions (Assignment Support). See Module Study Guide.