Secure Business in Future Crises Essay Assignment Help


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 6000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA






The tourism and hospitality industry are suffering huge losses because of the Covid-pandemic and especially the travel restrictions imposed by the different countries. As national sales and marketing manager of an international resort group, you are planning an R&D team activity and project to investigate innovative approaches to develop your product and service in such a way that you can create a model which include critical success factors and ideas to manage uncertainty and to create innovative ideas to secure business in future amid possible future crises.



  • Create a team charter in which you instruct the R&D team exactly what they have to do and what you expect from them.


  • As it is the first time that you and the team are doing this research in-house, give them descriptive detail on the different aspects of the research they need to address.


  • Also formulate clear outcomes (an innovative model or framework) that you expect as research results from their project.


  • Give them a proper introduction and background of the industry at the moment to convince them about the seriousness of their assignment.


  • Research all relevant sources, of which at least two must be academic journal articles.


  • Design your document in proper academic It must not be longer than 10 pages.


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