Project Planning Equipment (PPE) Assignment Questions


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Answer the following questions.


1).  At week 24 of a project to shoot a television commercial, the project manager is worried about her budget since costs have risen to $7,500. Given the following information.


Activity Predecessors Duration (wks) Budget ($) % Complete
a: Write script 6 900 100
b: Screen actors 6 1200 100
c: Select actors a 6 1200 100
d: Contract studio a 12 1800 100
e: Obtain props b,c 14 1400 100
f: Schedule date b,c,d 10 1500 40
g: Shoot commercial d,e 16 800 0


a).  Draw the network, identify and calculate the duration of the critical path.

b).  Find if there is a cost overage, and if so, how much it is.

c).  Is the schedule ahead or behind?

d).  Overall, does the project appear to be in control


2).  In the latest earned value report for your project, you see the CPI is 1.2, the SPI is 0.8, the PV is ETB 600,000, and the SV is ETB -120,000. In the report, you didn’t find the CV. So, calculate CV based on the information given.


3).  You are a project manager working on a project that had an original budget of ETB 300,000 and was forecast to take seventy-two weeks. The project currently has delivered on ETB 65,000 worth of the project and has spent ETB 100,000. If the variances to date are believed to be atypical and the project had planned to spend ETB 75,000. What is the estimate at completion?