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Assignment Detail:

  • Subject: Human Resource
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA


A.  You are to develop a strategic response to three (3) scenarios which include breaches of legal or ethical requirements of the organisation. Ensure that your responses include information which relates to issues pertaining to:


  • Organisation policies and procedures;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Professional boundaries.


You may also include additional issues such as duty of care, conflict of interest, professional responsibility, etc.


Each scenario is expected to be approximately one page in length, identify the staff member/health professional, who is potentially at risk as a result of an ethical issue; clearly outline the policies and procedures that should be in place and discuss the  integration of problem solving activities for resolution.


Provide details of the methods that have been used to identify and resolve these breaches. Include information on the referral of breaches to relevant people and the process of review and improvement.


B.      You are now required to develop an information sheet which is designed to accompany each of the three (3) scenarios, and to be used when training new staff. Each information sheet outlines the following:


1)      What are the key ethical issues presented in each scenario?


2)      What risk do these issues pose to the staff member /health professional and what could happen if this is not resolved?


3)      What steps should the staff member/health professional take to resolve this issue, including who should they speak with and in what time frame?


4)      What reporting needs to be done regarding this issue and who should this report be provided to?


5)      Is there any legislation which affects directs or safeguards any components of this scenario and if so, identify the legislation and what explain what it requires the staff member/health professional do?


6)      Are there industry service standards that need to be considered regarding how the organisation and the staff/health professional respond to the issues identified?


7)      What are some places (organizations or websites) which could provide further information about the ethical issues presented within each scenario?




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