CHCDIV001 Assessment 2 – Work with Diverse People


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Assessment Details:-

  • Code: CHCDIV001
  • Title: Work with Diverse People
  • Word: 1500-2000


Assessment Task:-



  • This assessment contributes to the determination of competency in this unit.
  • You are required to answer all questions to a satisfactory level to gain a satisfactory grade in this assessment task.
  • Should you have any concerns about this assessment, please contact your trainer/assessor before beginning the task.



1. This question requires you to look at your own cultural background, experiences and beliefs.

  • Describe your cultural views and/or biases, and why you think you have these opinions.
  • List any limitations with your self-awareness in regards to diversity in society.
  • Identify 3 ways to improve your own self and social awareness.


2. Australia is a very diverse country. Give three examples of what makes it Diverse.


3. How does Australia’s diversity contribute to different areas of work life related to:

Political Diversity
Social  Diversity
Economic Diversity
Cultural Diversity


4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diversity

  • What are some social, political, economic and cultural barriers, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures experience, and how does the structures of western systems affect their engagement with services?
Issue Barriers experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Impact on accessing services


5. Australia’s diversity includes marginalised groups in the community. What are the potential needs of these groups in relation to:

  Potential needs
Protective factor


Physical, mental and emotional health issue/care needs  


Consideration of impacts of discrimination, trauma, exclusion and negative attitudes


6. In what situations would you use:

  • Language and cultural interpreters
  • Imagery


7. Identify three changing cultural practices in Australia, what has influenced them and the impact they have had on society by completing the table below.

Changing practice   Influences Impact


8. How do diversity practices and experiences impact on personal behaviour, interpersonal relationships, perception and social expectations of others?

Personal behaviour
Interpersonal relationships
Social expectations


9. This question relates to your appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness within your workplace.

  • How do you value and respect diversity and inclusiveness across all areas of your work?
  • How do you contribute to the development of work place and professional relationships based on appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness?
  • What work practices do you use that make environments safe for all?
  • What strategy should you use to ensure you show respect when communicating with people from diverse backgrounds in different situations?
  • When a language barrier exists, what strategies can you use to communicate effectively?
  • Give 2 examples of the social and cultural impacts that occur when there is a misunderstanding?
  • When a misunderstanding occurs, what actions can you take as a worker to sensitively resolve differences?


10. Reflect on a time you have worked with a co-worker from a different cultural group to your own.

  • Outline the situation
  • Was the experience a positive or a negative experience?If it was positive, discuss why. If the experience was negative, discuss why, and discuss some strategies that could have been used to improve the situation for all


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