MGN415 HRM Theory And Practice Assessment Task


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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 1500
  • Course Code: MGN415
  • Course Title: HRM theory and practice
  • University: Queensland University of Technology
  • Country: AU



This assessment requires you to write an annotated bibliography of two journal articles and a book chapter. These articles cover key aspects of the issues the unit addresses: Strategic, sustainable and decent work approaches to HRM. These articles will assist you in developing the necessary knowledge to inform your approach to assessment 2 where you produce a management briefing which promotes the development of a strategic and decent work approach to an HR topic covered in the unit. Links to the required materials are located in a folder on QUT Readings.


You MUST review these SPECIFIC MATERIALS for this assessment. If you review the wrong materials your mark will be negatively affected. As part of your review of these articles/book chapter remember to develop your understanding of the topics they address by reading other journal articles and books.


The explanatory paragraphs must provide:


1. A summary of the main arguments or ideas presented by the author


2. An evaluation of how useful you found the source in relation to the topic it addresses


3. A reflection on how you anticipate the source can assist you in developing your understanding of strategic HR, sustainable HR, or the development of decent work for this unit.