MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice Assessment Questions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 2000
  • Referencing style: Harvard


MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice




  • You are required to produce a well-researched report on the topics below.


  • Entrepreneurship has been identified as a managerial capability since managers are expected to perform entrepreneurial role within the Engaging fully with at least five (5) core literature on entrepreneurial management – discuss entrepreneurial management and evaluate the impact of entrepreneurial management on organisational growth and performance.


  • Explain the five (5) dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation (see Lumpkin and Dess, 1996). Using a reflective model/tool, reflect on the extent to which you demonstrate any ONE of these dimensions.



  • Consider using relevant examples to support your discussion
  • You must be critical of the core literature you used for the assignment
  • Ensure you engage with literature and not just mere citations
  • Provide argument and counter-argument
  • You must use a reflective model/tool to capture your reflection
  • The assessment is based on learning outcome 1 and 2


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