MBA Strategic Management Assignment Answers to Questions


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 3500




Question One: 

You are appointed to become the head of a Business Development Committee for a starting big company. You are in charge to present a report. To do so, you need to do what follows:


1- Develop a new vision, mission, and values for your organization briefly demonstrating the method you used to do so.


2- Match the organization’s resources with the needs of the external environment in order to establish long-term objectives and to generate strategies. Discuss the opportunities and threats that your organization faces in doing so.


3- Select the long-term objectives and strategies that best meet the requirement of the organization’s mission.


4- Establish annual objectives and short-term strategies that are in accord NN ith the long-term objectives and strategies.


5- Explain how you will implement the selected strategies through proper resource allocation within the implementation capability of the organization such as supportive leadership, organizational culture, structure, reward system and technologies.


6- How can technological forecasting differ in your industry help you find new ways to differentiate your product?


7- Mention how you will measure and evaluate the performance.


Prepare this report in whatever form you want (PowerPoint/word file). You are not restricted with any number of words.


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