IT and Business Strategy Assignment Answer


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  • Referencing Styles: Open
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  • Course Code: GEOG 0301
  • Course Title: Geography
  • University: Adler University
  • Country: US



Question 1:  Critique the Blue Ocean Red Ocean strategy.  What are the key theoretical underpinnings that Kim & Marbougne suggest a competitive advantage may be achieved by?  Does their work build on others and how?  Do you find their arguments compelling and why?  What are some limits of the reading when compared to some of the others?


Question 2:  Where along a value chain do organizations with an operational excellence strategy need to focus their IT investments and why?  Which value discipline is best supported using an “offensive” IT strategy and why?  Think carefully…. don’t fall or the HBR 2×2 matrix where everything has to fit so nicely.


Question 3: Summarize Porter’s view on how IS might lead to a competitive advantage. What are his key thoughts and how and why do you believe his prescriptions are/are not relevant today?  (Hint, this is a first mover versus second mover argument)


Question 4: How does Carr’s view on the role of IS in strategy differ from the ones suggested from 1) the other value disciplines and 2) Porter (Chapter 1, e.g. cost leadership, differentiation, focus, RGT, Five Forces model, Blue Ocean Strategy).  Does he have any supporters in our readings and why?


Question 5: What are three challenges to sustaining a particular value discipline?  What are challenges to sustaining more than one value discipline? Provide an example from your work experiences of a company that has exhibited signs of struggling with these challenges?


Question 6: After reading the article, should the title of Carr’s paper be taken literally? Why or why not? How would you evaluate his position on IS? Do you agree or disagree, why or why not?  Support your answer and build your idea of how a competitive advantage might be achieved by drawing from several of the frameworks.