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MBA 209 International Business


MBA 209 International Business

Internal Assignment No. 1


Q 1. Answer all the questions:


(i)         What is the difference between global and international business?


(ii)        State the difference between centralized and decentralized structure.


(iii)       What is balance of payment?


(iv)       Write any two barriers of international business?


(v)        Write any two importance of logistic management?


Note: Answer Any Two Questions. (Word limits 500)


Q 2. Explain the economic and political environment which effect international business.


Q 3. Explain global business planning system in detail.


Q 4. Discuss the various factors of marketing strategy in international market.

Max. Marks: 15


Internal Assignment No. 2

Q 1. Answer all the questions:


(i)         Write any two motivating factors of international business.


(ii)        Define small scale industry?


(iii)       What is FDI?


(iv)       Write any two characteristics of ethnocentrism.


(v)        What is trade block?


Note: Answer Any Two Questions. (Word limits 500)


Q 2. Explain various stages of international business.


Q 3. Write various limitations of international logistics management.


Q 4. Explain the problems and remedial measures of small scale industry.

Max. Marks: 15


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