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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA 
  • Course Code: MATH2319
  • Course Title: machine learning
  • University: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Country: AU


Phase 1 Assessment Criteria

Requirement: the green-highlighted texts below must be the Section headers in your Phase 1 report. You also need to add a “References” section at the end.


1. Introduction: Source and description of the dataset under consideration. Specifically, you need to do the following

Dataset Source: Cite your data source properly per APA style.

Dataset Details: Explain insufficient what the dataset is about.

Dataset Features: Explain the features in your dataset that you will be including in your project in a table format (to be clear, please include only the features you will use in your project and leave out the features you will not be used in your project). In your table, you should have one feature per row with the following 4 columns:
1. Name of the feature.
2. Data type (numerical, binary, multinomial, ordinal categorical, date, etc).
3. Units (“unknown” is acceptable).
4. Brief description.

Target Feature: This is very important: you must clearly identify your response (target) feature.

2. Goals & Objectives for modelling this particular data.

3. Data Cleaning & Preprocessing as appropriate (dealing with missing values & outliers & incorrect values (such as negative
age), dropping ID-like columns, data aggregation if necessary etc). If your dataset is already clean and ready for modelling, you will get the full
score of 15 points for this task, our treat! For this section, you will need to add subsections as appropriate for better organisation of your work.

4. Data Exploration & Visualisation as appropriate: charts, graphs, boxplots, numerical summaries, etc. For this section, you
will need to add subsections as appropriate for better organisation. Your plots must be meaningful and they need to make sense with respect to the goals and objectives of your project. In addition, for each plot in your report, you will need to label the x- and y-axes as appropriate and add a meaningful title.

5. Summary & Conclusions of the first phase of your project: a concise yet comprehensive summary and any insights you gained in Phase 1 as they relate to your goals and objectives.