Marketing Management Individual Assignment – Ambo University

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All of you are required to do this assignment


  1. Take the buyer decision process and interview five students about how they purchased a common product (such as mobile phones, or watch) and compare how they went through the buyer behavior model. How did they acquire information, pick alternatives, make choices, and evaluate the success of their purchase?
  2. Collect any four local advertisements (Electronic or print) and comment on how they apply in the real ground.
  3. List three of your favourite brand names. What do you like about the product and/or brand name? What do you dislike? What image does the brand have in your mind? How loyal are you toward the brand? When was the last time you abandoned a brand name you had used for some time in favour of a new brand? Why did this happen?
  4. List a service that you used and you think is very good. Why is the service good? Review the service using the material from the chapter. What specifics about the service make it very good from a marketing point of view? Now, do the same thing with a service that you don’t like. After comparing them separately, compare them against each other. What could you do to improve the negative service? If you were a competitor, how could you attack the positive service?
  5. Take one private enterprise (organization) from your locality, which is established currently (new business) and assess the way how price actually charged (which new product pricing strategy is really implemented by this specific company). Evaluate its appropriateness against the given theory.