Marketing Management – Research on Brand Management


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Assignment Details:-         

  • Topic :: Marketing Management
  • Number of Words :: 6000
  • Referencing Style :: APA
  • Master’s/Ph.D.: Standard


Assignment Task:-


Select a brand that has presence in Qatar.

If you were hired as a marketing consultant what advice would you provide to the Brand Management of your selected brand. You could use the below format to prepare your assignment report.

  1. Executive Summary – 1 page
  2. Table of Contents – 1 page
  3. Overview – Vision, Mission, Goals, Brand, Market, Current Industry Growth, Future Outlook for the industry 1-2 pages
  4. What is the health of the brand? Should the brand managers be optimistic or pessimistic about the brand’s future? Why? 3 pages

Hint- Use the brand health framework discussed in class to support your argument

  1. Would you suggest the product or service offering needs to be changed? Are brand extensions a possibility? 2 pages
  2. Using the segmentation, targeting, positioning (STP) framework discussed in class suggest a suitable brand strategy for your selected brand 2 pages.
  3. Appendix – Any other information you may provide.

MS Word. 10-11 pages. Word count: 6,000 words.



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