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Topic :: Marketing Management

Document Type :: Coursework

Subject :: Marketing

Deadline :*: As per Required

Number of Words :: minimum of 3 pages

Citation/Referencing Style :: Harvard


Words: minimum of 3 pages

Company name: We can use any bank in Nigeria,

  • Zenith bank
  • Eco bank
  • Nova Merchant bank

So I can relate with it better

Choose a company that you know or/and you like.  Visit its website and answer the following questions:


  1. Provide a brief description of who they are and what they do
  2. Create a brief analysis of the environment the company works within.  Include Micro and Macro environment
  3. Choose a specific product/service that the company offers. Now you want to find out what customers think about your product/service and how it compares to your competitors. Prepare a customer satisfaction questionnaire.  Minimum of 5 questions