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Objectives of the assignment


  1. Understanding of the basic principles of Cost Management


a)  Costs Classification & Cost Analysis / Breakeven Analysis

b).  Time value of money and net present value analysis

c).  Costing Products / Services

d).  Budgeting / Planning / Forecasting

e).  Cost of Capital and Capital budgeting Decision making

f).  Performance Management Systems

g).  KPIs and Ratio Analysis


  1. Application of these principles in a real time practical environment and understand the related issues / problems / bottlenecks
  1. Critically analyze and make recommendations for the management of your project.


Assignment Task


Suppose that you are a Finance Manager of one of the listed companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). Research & Development Department of the company came up with a proposal of introducing a new product to the local market. To finance the identified project, Board of Directors passed the resolution at their one of board meetings to issue 50 % equity to meet the capital requirements and the remaining 50% of the project is going to finance through a bank loan.


In addition to above information, this project requires initial working capital. Life span of the project is 6-8 years. You are required to develop a business proposal, in particular the financial forecasting to be submitted to your bank to obtain the bank loan. Your financial forecasting must encompass;


  • Forecasted operating and project cash flows
  • Calculation of cost of capital
  • Application of decision criteria to choose the project to be implemented


Further you are required to justify the impact of project financing decision to shareholders of the company. You need to apply the relevant subject learning and references for the above assignment. Obtain information from reliable sources (Annual reports, external publications etc.) and provide comprehensive evidence. The report must be limited to 3,500 words (excluding graphs, tables, table of contents, cover page and references).